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May 3-5, 2022

Continuing Education FAQ

Please read the entire message for important information regarding eligibility for your CE Certificate.


  • Each person must logon to the online platform individually under their own name. If you watch with another person, only the person who is logged on will receive a CE certificate.
  • Joining a live session or accessing a VOD counts as signing in, and leaving those pages counts as signing out.
  • In addition to joining the sessions you will be required to respond to a pop-up at intervals during the sessions.
  • If you are in full screen mode on your video you will not see the pop-up. You will still hear a noise notifying you so if you hear that noise please leave full screen mode to engage with the pop-up.

To earn CE credits:

  • Our live stream credit system is an all or nothing so in order to receive the 3 credits each day, you must watch a minimum number of minutes:
    • You must watch a minimum of 90 minutes on the Live Stream on day 1.
    • You must watch a minimum of 120 minutes on the Live Stream on day 2.
    • You must watch a minimum of 120 minutes on the Live Stream on day 3.

Additional Credits 

  • Alternatively, you can also receive credits by watching our VODs and you can receive up to 9 additional credits. 1 per each 2022 video.
  • You will be able to download your certificate once you generate 1 credit.
  • You must watch at least 90% of the video to receive credit.

To Download Your Certificate

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